Hello, My name is Courtney, I own and operate Just Shoot Me Photography!
I recently became a full time mom, to a beautiful little boy named Griffin! He is my sun and my stars, however photography is still my passion so I fully intend on continuing capturing your family's precious moments, as well as working on being a great mom!

I have always been an incredibly sentimental person, always stashing away wrist bands from events, tickets from concerts, childhood treasures and knick knacks. So naturally I am always taking photos, of everything and everyone! Since becoming a mother, the obsession with keeping any and all memoribilia of sentimental value has increased significantly, especially with photographs. That being said I understand now even more how important it is to catch these important moments and want to freeze them in time forever. 

It is so important to me to save these memories for my family, and I would love to capture these memories for your family as well! 

Get to know me!
- I am a girlfriend to Jason, and a mother to Griffin!
- We have a black cat named Spook and Siberian Forest cat named Boo.
- My favorite color is black
- My favorite band is the Red Hot Chili Peppers
- My favorite meal is a family recipe for Cordon Bleu
- My favorite season is autumn
- I love to spend time outdoors at our family farm
- The best places I've traveled are Amalfi, Hawaii, Riviera Maya
- I enjoy painting, and reading
- I absolutely love what I do, and I cant wait to meet you!